Ages 7-17

If you would like to be considered for Performing Groups, contact our studio office at 503.697.3673.



Our Performing Company consists of exceptionally talented dancers training at an advanced level in the disciplines of Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Lyrical and Contemporary. 

Our award winning instructors Jacki Camacho, Julie Phillips, Kayla Thomas, Kelli Beko, Kendall Walters, and TJ Yale work alongside Artistic Director Marisa Menkins to create innovative, award-winning choreography to showcase Performing Company at special events such as the Portland TrailBlazer HalfTime Show, Disneyland Performing Arts Center, senior living & charity showcases, cultural exchanges, and international festivals.  Each year our Performing Company competes in highly respected dance competitions.  

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Our Dance Teams perform cutting edge choreography in the styles of Jazz and Hip Hop. Dance Team choreographers,  Amanda Harry, Julie Phillips, Kendall Walters and Lauren Yamaguchi work with Artistic Director Marisa Menkins to create exciting, innovative award winning dance numbers.  

Dancers perform at Portland Trail Blazer games, Portland State games, local community events and dance competitions throughout the year. 


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