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Hi everyone​,

You may have seen your October statement, which includes the registration fee for the Tremaine Dance Convention scheduled for February 16 - 18. We want you to know that registrations for competitions are required months before the event occurs. For this reason, we add the registration fee to your statements each month until all competitions are paid. The registration fee for the remaining competitions will average $50 - $55 for each group routine your dancer performs. Solos, Duos and Trios are a higher fee. Since Company competes a Jazz, Tap and Ballet routine, the total registration fee for each competition is approximately $150 - $160. Tremaine is a little more expensive than the remaining events, since it is a convention with 2 days of master classes and a small competition. The number of routines allowed to compete is very limited. So, at this event, Seniors will compete their group and specialty routines. Only a few juniors will compete their specialty routines. This year, Hot Shots, Juniors and Seniors will attend the Convention.

The website contains lots of information on the event, it's goals, and sample schedules for the dancers. We will send you more details (dancer call time, meeting place etc) as the event date gets closer. The event is an extremely popular event that your dancer will love attending.

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