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2018 Blazers Half-time Show

Tuesday, March 6 is the Portland TrailBlazers' Halftime performance and fundraiser. Buy tickets now!

The dancers performing are:

Company - Seniors, Junior 1, Junior 2,

Dance Team - DT 1 and DT 2.

Things to know:

1. This is a fundraiser, so follow the specific link to buy tickets and use promo code LAKEODANCE. DEADLINE IS JAN 31:


2. As a group, we must reach a minimum number of tickets to perform, so please share this link with your friends.

3. Every dancer will need a ticket to enter the arena and perform at the game. TICKETS MAY SELL OUT SO DON'T DELAY. (1/31 deadline)

4. After their performance, dancers will be released to their parents at the same meeting spot where they were dropped off and will be free to join their family for the remainder of the game. More info to come.

Our Blazer representative Julie Caceras has asked us to share the following information with you:

"Once your guests click on the link and enter promo code they’ll be able to see the sections that we’ve held seats for LOAD highlighted on the link. They will be able to click the section and price level they prefer and they can even pick the exact seats they want. When looking at the seating map there is a price range to the left. This is not the group price they are getting. This just simply shows the full price of each ticket so they can compare how much of a savings they get. Once they click on seats they want they will see the correct group price come up. At the end, they will be charged a $5 fundraiser per ticket as well, which shows at the end of the buying process. Once they pick seats and add to cart it will prompt them to create an account. They must create account before it will allow them to secure the seats. Be sure to instruct all parents if they have any questions or problems with buying tickets they can call me directly 503-963-3966.More detailed information will be shared with you as we get closer to the performance date. We're looking forward to a really fun Blazer game performance".