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Starpower Competition (2)
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**Performance Order** - The scheduling system has resolved costume change conflicts as best as possible. Please be courteous and keep in mind that the competition runs in numerical order. Every performer has a minimum of 12 minutes scheduled in between their routines. Routines are expected to perform on time and anyone holding up the competition for any reason will be subject to point deductions or disqualification. The first 10 routines of the day should arrive at the venue dressed in their costume and ready to perform. All routines performing in the afternoon and evening sessions should be dressed and ready at least 90 minutes prior to their scheduled performance time. Please note: Listed performance and awards times are estimated and the competition may run up to one hour ahead of schedule. **Music Upload** All music must be uploaded via the online registration system. We kindly ask that you upload your music no later than 5 days prior to the start of the competition **DanceBUG App** Starpower is featured on the DanceBUG App! You and your families can download the DanceBUG App to watch the Live Stream, view the full schedule, photos, videos, and the live schedule to see what entry is currently on stage and what's on next. Don't forget to have your dancers register for the DanceBug Media Pass! If you wish to enter the Photogenic contest, you may do so at the Starpower Registration Desk when you arrive at the venue. Please make your parents and students aware of this. Photogenic pictures must be picked up from the Registration Desk immediately following the photogenic awards ceremony. Please look over each of your routines to make sure they are entered correctly. Please note that changes will incur a $5 change fee per entry. Also, a friendly reminder that for the safety of your students, photography and video recording of any kind is not permitted. Please pass this information along to your parents, families, and students.

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