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Welcome Back to Advanced Camp!

While our classes and studio area's look a little bit different, our dancer's and teacher's love for dance is still just as strong! We are so happy to have music and laughter filling our studios again.

In order for us to stay open, we all have to work together. Our dancers have done a great job this summer using hand sanitizer, keeping their possessions with them, and following the new guidelines. Here are a couple reminders for all of us so we can keep moving forward.

  • All dancers, parents, customers, teachers, and staff must wear a face covering at all times when in our facility. It is important they are worn correctly, whether a face mask or a face shield, and at all times when entering the studio or the shoppe.

  • From sign in to check out, social distancing of 6ft+ must be maintained. This is one of the Governor's guidelines that we must reinforce.

  • When dancer's enter the studio for their class, they enter in an organized manner to maintain 6ft+ distance. Once in the room, they are required to stay in their measured square during class. Their personal belongings are placed in the empty square next to them. They are not allowed to enter anyone else's square for any reason. There is no reason for a dancer to leave their square except to use the bathroom.

  • Dancers have a short break for a snack and a drink during one of their classes. This is the only time scheduled for the dancer to eat their snack. If they choose not to eat it during this designated time, then they must wait until their scheduled break outside. They cannot be allowed to eat at any other time during class.

  • Dancers have either a lunch or a break outside in designated seating that allows 6ft + distancing. We know everyone is excited to see each other and chat, but we must maintain social distancing during this time. The guidelines for safe distancing are very clear and we need to uphold to all of the mandated guidelines.

These reminders are meant to help us all maintain safe practices so we can continue dancing at the studio. Please review these reminders with your dancer and we will be reminding and reinforcing them at the studio as well.

Thanks for your support!


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