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Recital FAQ

Are all Dance Classes Performing at the Spring Recital?

No. Some classes are technique and training classes that do not learn a routine for Recital. Check the Schedule for classes with **. These are non-recital classes. Classes aged 4-6 have their own Petite Recital at the Studio and do not perform on the large stage.

When do Recital Tickets go on sale?

Usually tickets go on sale mid May. Registered accounts will receive an email to save the date.

Dancer Hair and Make Up for Recital?


Make-up defines the dancers’ facial features resulting in a clearer look on stage. Black waterproof mascara, black eyeliner (use a crayon, no liquid). Brown eye shadow, blue-based true red lipstick (both available in Shoppe), earth tone or bronze blush. False eyelashes are not required for open classes
Hairstyle will be specified by the instructor. Hair accessories must be secured with lots of bobby pins, hair gel, and hair spray. No wispy’s! Ponytail hair elastic MUST be the same as the dancer’s hair color. Accessories provided with the costume MUST be worn to all performances

What do Volunteers do at Recital?

If you've been to one of our recitals before, you will know that it takes a village to bring the audience a professionally run show and a positive experience for the dancers. Everyone has been working hard all season to showcase their talent and skills at this event! It is customary for us to call for volunteers to assist in the backstage area and dressing rooms to support and monitor the dancers, as well as scan tickets and usher guests to their seats. 

What About Costumes and Shoes?

Upon initial registration and payment, you received a charge for a costume deposit. Once costumes are ordered, the balance will be charged to your account. Recital is a professional show with a high standard of presentation in production, costuming, music, and choreography. Dance shoes for recital must be clean and appropriate. Check the Dress Code for more info.

Pictures & Videos

Information coming soon

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