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Led by a dedicated and talented team of instructors, this class will have you on your feet in no time! Our dancers love this upbeat class, as it gives them the opportunity to infuse their own personality and style into new, learned moves. Add a mix of the latest songs and you have a high-energy, and fun class for all!


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Ballet is the basis of all dance. It enhances all other styles of dance and provides balance, strength and fluid movement. It helps the dancer achieve excellent technique, poise, and posture. Our dancers learn the foundations of classic ballet. Classes include stretching, muscle strengthening, reinforcing ballet positions with basic ballet movements.

Beginning will teach the fundamentals of ballet technique whereas intermediate will reinforce and expand upon the movements previously learned, bringing the dancer to a more advanced level.


Designed for the advanced dancer with a strong ballet background. Our  Pre Pointe class is perfect for dancers interested in further strengthening their ballet technique, potentially advancing to Pointe or improving their work once already on Pointe. Evaluations are required to be accepted onto Pointe. Inquiries can be made through the office.

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Led by our talented instructors this style of dance will work to incorporate new age stylistic jazz with old school classical elements to further your dancers knowledge and exploration of jazz dancing. Jazz includes working on strengthening technique and the skill set of each dancer. 

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Our contemporary classes focus on combining several styles of dance including jazz, ballet, modern and lyrical. This style is fluid, challenging and creative. It is sure to enhance students abilities and knowledge about dance and its many elements.

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A variety of styles from broadway, post-modern,

traditional and rhythmic tapping are taught. Our classes reinforce rhythm, technique, coordination, presentation and style. Dancers will learn how to create a variety of sounds by working through their feet and into the floor in this exciting style. Class includes warmup, across the floor progressions,  fancy footwork and various combinations.

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Our popular combination classes for younger dancers.  

Dancers learn fundamentals of jazz, ballet and tap in every class. This class is a wonderful option for dancers who want to explore multiple styles and movements in a fun exciting way. Dancers will perform one of these styles chosen by the instructor in our annual Recital.

We are excited to announce our new class- Boys Hip Hop taught by TJ Yale! Come and join this fun, upbeat class that will get feet moving! Similar to our Hip Hop and Jazz Funk classes, Boys Hip Hop will teach classic hip hop moves and provide opportunities for students to explore their own style.  

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 The perfect first class for our youngest dancers at ages 3 and 4. This class combines storytelling, and ballet basics to create an imaginative dance. Skills focus on gross motor movement, ballet and musicality. Dancers learn a choreographed routine to a song which is performed at the end of the session. With three sessions held in one year, Fairytale ballet is sure to get tiny dancers excited about dance class and exploring new movements.