Here are our Health and Safety procedures to keep your dancer and our staff well:

·         All LOAD staff will wear masks, and use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the day.

·         All LOAD staff and students are instructed to stay home if they are ill.

·         All LOAD staff and students will be screened and have their temperature taken upon arrival.

·         Staff will sanitize the dance studios, bathroom and high touch areas before and between classes.

·         Our studio doors will remain open, when appropriate, to facilitate clean air flow and fresher air.

·         Classes will be held outside, when appropriate.

·         Our water fountain will be unavailable.  Dancers need to bring their own water.

·         Dancers may use the bathroom one at a time, with LOAD staff sanitizing every hour.

·         No hugging, hand shaking, touching of any kind while at the dance studio.



·         Dancers are to arrive dressed and ready for class, with only their dance shoes and water bottle.

·         Dancers arrive in dance clothes. We cannot allow dancers to change clothes anywhere in the dance studio.

·         LOAD staff will screen dancers and direct them to their studio, using 6ft+ between dancers.  Only dancers are allowed in the lobby once everyone is in their dance studio

·         Dancers may have their temperature taken and asked to use hand sanitizer upon entry

·         Any dancer who displays symptoms of illness will be asked to leave and return following CDC guidelines.

·         Dancers will remain in their dance studio until dismissal, using the bathroom one at time when necessary.

·         Dancers will exit out the doors of their dance studio directly to their parents. 

·         At pick up, parents must stay by their cars and meet their dancer when she/he is outside the studio.

Parents!  Dancers must be picked up promptly after class or a charge of $15 for every 15 minutes late is required.  

In case of emergency, call the office at 503-697-3673 to verify pick up time.  



·         All dancers are to enter the studio and place their shoes, jacket and water bottle in a designated place.

·         Dancers will change into their dance shoes when they enter the dance studio. No bare feet or socks allowed.

·         Dancers will be directed to a designated dance area, allowing 6ft+ safe distancing.

·         Dancers are required to stay 6ft safe distance from other dances at all times.

·         Dancers are not allowed to touch each other, the teacher, or any items in the studio that they are not using.



All dancers are expected to follow the health and safety guidelines above. Failure to follow those rules places dancers, our staff and families in danger, and those dancers will be dismissed from the studio. In addition, drugs, alcohol, theft, vandalism, smoking, violence and repeated disrespectful, disruptive behavior towards staff and/or fellow students will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal from the studio. 



All classes may be available to take on Zoom upon request.  Contact the studio office for additional information.


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