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MARCH 15 - 17, 2024

We are looking forward to a really fun competition weekend! A couple of important things to know, as for many of you this is your first competition of the season: 

Starpower is a very busy competition with over 1000 routines competing over the course of the weekend. It will be held at the Oregon Convention Center. There are many events there this weekend so it'll be a very busy place - allow plenty of time for parking. The venue is open to the public so we ask dancers to use the buddy system and not leave the area once they are checked in. When you arrive at the Convention Center, look at the kiosks to see which ballrooms the Starpower Talent Competition will be held. 

  • Call time - Be on time!  Competitions can run ahead of schedule. Dancers should arrive wearing LOAD Jackets over their costumes and be completely ready to dance - just as they arrived for the Holiday show and InStudio competition. 

  • When you arrive go immediately to the dressing room and find LOAD staff and assistants. 

  • The Competition is open to the public. There is no charge to attend. It will also be livestreamed. 

  • Dancers are released immediately after their last dance. They are not required to stay for awards (though most choose to). Dancers are welcome to leave and come back. If you choose to leave, be sure to pay attention to the line up as competitions can run ahead of schedule and so do awards.

  • SPORTSMANSHIP! Super important! We support each other, other studios and judges' decisions. The studio has won many awards for sportsmanship over the years. Good Sportsmanship is VERY important to us, anything less will not be tolerated.

  • Awards - All LOAD dancers will wear their LOAD Jackets (required) and sit on stage as a group for the awards ceremonies. Dances are adjudicated on a point system. All dances will receive a score and a corresponding award. One person from each dance is designated to collect the awards for that dance. They will take the awards home and bring them back to the studio on their next dance day.

  • Keep in mind- Instructors have many dances, and groups at a similar time. Please be mindful that while you are there for a "chunk of time" our staff is there the entire weekend (Thursday - Sunday) and have many dancers to watch.  This is not the time to talk about anything other than competition.

  • Please be sure to follow the rules.

  • All dancers have paid a media fee for Star Dance Alliance competitions (required). Photos and videos will be shared by Starpower after the competition.

  • Be sure any snacks are non-messy (apple slices, cheese sticks, carrot sticks, meat sticks, power bars etc.) and CLEAR liquids only, no sodas, sugary drinks, frappuccinos, anything colored. They should cover their costumes with their jackets while eating.

  • Want more information?

  • Have fun!

Download PDF • 1.44MB


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