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We understand you have many questions and we will do our best to help you navigate this weekend:

There are teachers and parents milling about in the ballroom area that are able to assist in a pinch; however, no one is officially on duty for a specific group. Numbers for staff are strictly limited and our 3 teachers will be in and out of ballrooms checking in with the kids. As there are no staff chaperones, you are responsible for your child the entire event. This means:

  • communicating that they must remain in the room (just as in dance class)

  • following any standard rules you have, such as using the buddy system for bathroom breaks

  • they have a water bottle and snack

  • what their lunch plan is

Parents are not to be in the ballrooms but the foyer area and space outside the workshop rooms are public access. Normally, parents wait in these areas of the hotel should dancers require help. Sometimes the group will coordinate to take shifts.

For lunch break parents will meet their child outside the workshop room. They can bring them a lunch to eat close by. Lines to the hotel eateries, including the marketplace will be long at this time so it is prudent to plan ahead. Some dancers will already have their lunch with them and will eat in the room with the group.

The dinner break is longer and some parents choose to eat off site or in the hotel. The Showcase and Freestyles Battle is a fun event for dancers and parents to attend. It is recommended but not required. It will also be live streamed, which is always a good option for the younger dancers.

The Friday workshop is one hour long and highly recommended. It will get your dancer ready for the weekend.

Please be sure to sign up to receive texts from This will give you up to the minute information including live streaming links

Where: Hilton Vancouver Washington, 301 W. 6TH St., Vancouver, WA, 98660

Phone: 1-360-993-4500 800

What you should know:

  • Monsters is a convention - there is no competition or performances by our Teams.

  • Industry level dancers can attend any class at any level all weekend.

  • There are no observers allowed in classes - parents can be in the areas outside the rooms.

  • Teachers will be onsite all weekend, but are not dancer chaperones.

  • Wristbands must be worn and intact all weekend.

  • Be sure to pack your dancer a healthy, hearty lunch, water bottle and snack.

  • Restaurants are onsite and nearby, but will most likely be crowded. This is a very popular event.

  • Arrive ready to dance wearing your LOAD jacket, but class attire can be in any color and style that you feel good in and that expresses your personality. No LOAD logo merch is allowed in the audition class.

  • All event details can be found on the Monsters website:

Friday, January 5 *Bonus Classes (optional but recommended)

7:00-7:30pm Check in and collect your wristband from Marisa in the Hotel Lobby.

7:30-8:00pm Junior & Intermediate Foundation Class

8:30-9:30pm Advanced & Industry Foundation Class

9:30-11:30pm Dynasty Industry Series

Saturday, January 6 *Convention

8-8:20am Intermediate & Advanced check in and collect your wristband from Marisa in the Hotel Lobby.

8:20-8:40am Intermediate & Advanced Opening Ceremony in Advanced Room

8:50-9:00am Intermediate & Advanced Warm up

9-10am Intermediate & Advanced Workshop

9:30-9:40am Junior check in and collect your wristband from Marisa in the Hotel Lobby.

9:40-9:50am Junior warm up

10-12pm Workshop Classes


1pm-2pm Faculty Q&A and Photo Opportunity

2pm-4pm Workshop Classes


6-9:30pm Showcase & Freestyles Battle *Admission is free for all dancers attending the showcase.

Sunday, January 7 *Convention Continues

7:45am Call Time - proceed directly to your classes.

8am Parent Seminar *free

8am-9:30am Audition classes for Intermediate & Advanced (Optional)

8:45-9:30am Parent Class *free

9:30-10:30am Audition classes for Juniors (Optional) + Workshop for Intermediate & Advanced

10:30-12:30 Workshop Classes

11:30-12:30 LUNCH BREAK

12:30-2:30pm Workshop classes

2:30-3:30 pm Closing Ceremony and Scholarship Presentation

Event Schedule V1.0 Faculty & Schedule Subject To Change
Download PDF • 1.78MB

2024 Monsters of Hip Hop what to expect
Download PDF • 35KB

Please remember - We are happy to say that LOAD has a reputation for great sportsmanship and mutual support and respect of other studios and their dancers, and we will continue to do so. As a LOAD dancer, you represent the dance studio during the entire workshop. Please remember to follow the rules, and be respectful of the facility, the teachers, other dancers and everyone in general. We are proud to have you on our team. Most importantly, we hope you have fun!


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